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Lim & Company Lawyers

A home is the largest purchase most of us will make in our lives. It makes sense to accompany such a significant personal investment with another smaller investment --- the selection of the right lawyer to make sure that your real estate transaction is secure.

At Lim & Company Lawyers, we have been successful partners with thousands of homeowners in the realization of their dreams. Our lawyers and support staff are fully qualified to look after your needs in

- conveyancing (purchase and sale)
- builder's lien claims
- mortgages and other financing agreements
- building your own home
- construction contracts
- reviewing condominium minutes and by-laws
- drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial lease

Closing Costs: 10 Things to Consider

1. Property Transfer Tax
2. Legal Fees
3. Interest Adjustment
4. Property Tax Adjustment
5. Strata Cost Adjustments & Form A Certificate
6. CMHC Application Fee
7. Property Appraisal
8. Property Inspection
9. Survey Certificate
10. Insurance Binder

This lists only the major items. A more complete list applicable to your particular situation can be obtained by contacting a mortgage source consultant. This information is being provided to assist in the planning of a home purchase. It is not intended to be legal advice and the information set out may not be applicable in all cases. In some situations, a purchaser may be required to pay for other additional expenses such as a second mortgage, an assignment of rents, power of attorney, or independent legal advice.